Dr Carl Shakespeare consultant cardiologist  
consultant cardiologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Blackheath Heart Centre, Lister Hospital and London Independent Hosptial
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Personal Profile:

heartI received my medical degree from Westminster Medical School, University of London in 1984. Specialist training was undertaken at the National Heart Hospital, St. Thomas', St George's and the Royal London Hospital. I became an accredited specialist in both Internal Medicine and Cardiology in 1995.

I have been the lead consultant cardiologist now for over 15 years at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, London. I am also an honorary consultant at St. Thomas' Hospital, and a senior Fellow at the Royal Brompton Hospital London. I also provide consultant services at the Blackheath, Lister and London Independent Hospitals.

Research Profile:

I was awarded a British Heart Foundation Fellowship in 1989, and completed my MD thesis entitled: "Autonomic Nerve Function in Silent Myocardial Ischaemia". I am the author of over 40 research publications in peer reviewed academic journals.

I created and am the Director of the Cardiovascular Risk Institute based in Woolwich. We undertake research trials mainly in the field of high blood pressure and cholesterol treatments.
  British Medical Association

Royal College of Physicians

European Society of Cardiology

American College of Cardiology

Society of Cardiac Computed Tomography
British Cardiovascular Society
British Society of Echocardiography
These are the specialist procedures I perform regularly

Cardiac CT Angiography
Cardiac Catheterisation
Ambulatory monitoring of ECG
Ambulatory monitoring of blood pressure
Transoesophageal Echocardiography
Cardiac Pacemakers
Cardiac MRI

Clinical Profile:

My NHS activity is in the setting of a busy general hospital serving a population of 350,000. I provide daily care for acute cardiac patients with angina, heart attacks, heart failure, arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythms), and patients requiring pacemakers.

Being accredited in internal medicine, I am regularly on call (every 10 days) and see many patients with general medical problems (such as diabetes, strokes, cancer, etc).
In the outpatient setting I provide additional specialist advice in:

  • high blood pressure,
  • high cholesterol,
  • palpitations,
  • shortness of breath
  • male sexual dysfunction.

A significant proportion of our activity is centred on undertaking cardiac tests (diagnostics) and procedures.

Carl Shakespear